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Increase yield while making college more affordable.

For institutions focused on increasing yield, the higher ed experts at Edmit Solutions build data-driven products that extend your aid budget and improve affordability for students.
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Identify your institution’s optimal pricing strategy

Competitor pricing and Financial Fit® analysis for distinct student profiles, based on proprietary net price calculator (Edstimate®), enable you to stretch your institutional aid budget.


Pinpoint where to award additional aid to increase yield

Our software app engages students at key decision points. A school dashboard displays admitted student information, consideration sets, and competitive aid offers. So, you can trigger early yield signals and pinpoint where to award additional aid.


Win students by insuring
graduate outcomes

We'll set you up to insure six months of student loan payments if students struggle finding employment after college. Colleges that guarantee strong job outcomes can appeal to more students and secure an edge over competing institutions.


What our customers say

I am extremely grateful for my students and families to have the opportunity to be educated and guided in the process of choosing a college, and seeing the costs mapped out from beginning to end, so they can make the best decision with the most information.

I will say that as I've begun playing with more of the comparison features, I'm even more excited to continue utilizing it's features! We actually have a family dinner/conversation planned tonight and I'm going to pull up data from your webtool to have a discussion with my son about which college we can seriously afford and will be a good fit.

This is really awesome and super helpful. Way better than looking up average costs online and having to guess what I would play. Plus, it’s helping me look at schools with my certain degree.

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